With the support of KyrSEFF, the construction of a private medical center in Batken was completed

The Kyrgyz Sustainable Energy Financing Program (KyrSEFF) financed the expansion of the Diagnostic Medical Center in the city of Isfana, Batken Province, which was originally located in a 300 m2 room.

The medical center was founded in 2009. At that time, Jarkynai Ganyeva with her husband, who were both doctors, rented two rooms and began a private reception for patients. In 2012, they bought a plot of land and built a small building however, the construction was carried out “blindly”, without taking into account energy saving measures.

“Our requirement is that the facility should always be warm, and the constructed building turned out to be very cold. In recent years, electricity has become more expensive and we have been given a limit, so we were using coal to heat the center and we burned about 20 tons per season. This is a substantial cost for us”, says Jarkynai Ganyeva.

Make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment to the patient in one place

Construction to expand the medical center in the city of Isfana started over a year ago, and its equipment is very modern and can be envied by leading urban clinics.

“Now we have all the necessary equipment to conduct a complete analysis, just like the best medical centers in Bishkek. Up to 50 patients can receive comprehensive medical care from specialists in various fields,” said Jarkynai Ganyeva, head and owner of the Diagnostic medical center.

The equipment in the new clinic and the qualifications of doctors allow issues that previously required visits to several institutions and even a trip to the capital to be solved in one office.

This is an example of ‘an environmentally responsible business’.

In October 2018, a new 800 m2 building for a medical center opened, where the number of beds has increased from 12 to 40. There are also more medical offices and doctors’ offices.

To increase comfort and at the same time reduce energy consumption and associated costs, the walls, ceiling and floor were insulated in the building, and a new efficient boiler was installed for heating the rooms and resource saving measures were implemented.

“We constantly need good lighting for examinations however, it is also a high energy-consuming element. In the new block of the medical building we installed LED lamps in all rooms. In general, we have tried to introduce the best practices and now even look forward to the winter in order to ensure the best results”, Jarkynai Ganyeva says.

In addition, new toilets have been installed in the wards. Since there is a shortage of water in the region, KyrSEFF experts suggested using water-saving toilets instead of ordinary toilets, as well as installing water-saving taps in washing rooms.

Save energy – save money

According to specialists, energy savings at the medical center will be 296.13 MWh / year, reduced carbon emissions are 72 tons and reduced water consumption is around 93 tons per year.

The amount of money invested in improving the energy efficiency of the medical center as part of KyrSEFF was $23,253. For the successful implementation of resource saving measures, the medical center will receive a grant of $3,489 from the European Union.

Since 2013, the year KyrSEFF was established, 1693 energy-saving projects have been implemented in all regions in Kyrgyzstan. According to consultants, this contributes to saving more than 133,497 megawatts of energy per hour and reducing carbon emissions to 42,187 tons per year.


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