Tri-T: High energy Impact on the Chicken Farm


OJSC ” Tri-T” produces both, eggs for consumption (70% of sales) and hatching eggs (28% of sales) and is one of largest egg production farms in the Kyrgyz Republic. The farm was founded in 1998, based on agricultural land that was previously a duck-farm. The poultry farm now comprises 5 modern egg-laying houses, with a capacity of 230,000 hens based with an annual production capacity of 62 million eggs. Energy costs are a significant factor in egg production. By implementing a total replacement of egg sorting technologies and poultry equipment, the company achieved significant reductions in its energy consumption.

Project information 
LocationKant, Chui region
 KyrSEFF loanUSD 979 145
 Grant incentiveUSD 139 405
Partner bankOptima


Energy Savings545,7 MWh/year
Carbon Savings29,6 tCO2/year