The medical centre “Diagnostik” in the city of Isfana in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan launched a campaign for villagers who need medical assistance, but are under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The action under the motto “Elim ooruba” – “Do not get sick, my people” offers free medical care to habitants of the cities of Isfana, Sulyukta, and surrounding villages. In the framework of this action, “Diagnostik” provides specialist consultations with cardiologists, therapists, and gynecologists, first aid, and emergency tests for citizens who are in urgent need of medical care.

“Now that all public attention is given to the coronavirus, people tend to forget that there are other illnesses that require continuous medical follow-up,” says owner and director of the medical centre “Diagnostik” Mrs Jarkynay Ganyieva. “Since the introduction of the state of emergency in Batken, we have been receiving numerous calls from different parts of the region, because people are not allowed to leave their villages due to lockdown,” said Mrs Ganyieva.
Three teams of five medical experts of different specialties travel from village to village. Upon arrival, they are accompanied by a local doctor who has a list of people in need of medical care. “Diagnostik” expects to provide 300 to 400 people with free medical assistance during a one-week period.
The medical centre “Diagnostik” benefitted from KyrSEFF’s support for insulation and installation of energy efficient windows and water-saving technologies in summer 2019. These measures allow to save 93 tonnes of water annually, and to cut the consumption of coal for heating purposes by four, which prevents 72 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions per year.