Success Stories and Statistics

Statistics 22.01.19

Since 2013, KyrSEFF has implemented 1624 energy-saving projects in the residential sector and 142 in the business sector. In total, more than 37,7 million USD has been invested. In addition, for the successful implementation of energy and resource efficient measures KyrSEFF Program clients received a grant of more than 4,2 million USD from the Investment program for Central Asia (IFCA) of the European Union.

According to the calculations of the consultants, it helps to save more than 148 970 MWh of energy annually, equivalent to electricity generation of 6 Alamamedin HPP. From an environmental point of view, over 5 years of KyrSEFF's activity, it reduced carbon emissions by 45 725 tons per year, which is approximately equal to the annual absorption of 304 833 trees, which can be planted on an area of 1 036 football fields.