Emilia LTD known is one of the leading dairy plants in Kyrgyzstan operating since 2006. The company processes milk and produces four types of cheese and butter and 90% of this production is exported to Russia and Kazakhstan. With the support of the KyrSEFF company renovated and increased its production line in 2020 to meet high international standards, including energy efficiency and energy saving.

The new equipment will reduce the same process consumption of 48 MWh of electricity and 40 MWh of thermal energy annually, which will result in a 132 MWh primary energy equivalent. In addition, the investment provided 200 MWh of primary energy savings that account for a 60% savings rate for specific consumption.

It also increased milk processing from 50 tons to 200 tons per day, created 100-150 new jobs and provided opportunities for sales of milk to farmers throughout the Talas region.

Zhandar Zholoev, the owner of the Diary Plant, says: ‘Thanks to the new equipment, we have improved the quality and quantity of dairy products produced and become more socially responsible business.’

In this way, with the help of KyrSEFF loan and grant, Emilia LTD makes a significant contribution not only to environmental protection, but also to the economic development of the region and provides jobs for the local population.

The successful implementation of the project to improve resource efficiency has allowed Emilia LTD to receive an additional grant from the European Union, amounting to 15% of the loan.