Our Partner Banks

Kompanion Bank

Microcredit Company (MCC) Financial Group Kompanion was established in 2004. Currently, MCC operates as Kompanion Bank and was transformed into fully functional and well developed Bank with currents assets of 6,7 billion KGS and established capital of 1,6 billion KGS. Unique integrated approach of Kompanion Bank, which involves providing banking products and services for business development allows to improve the level of welfare and overall household incomes using ethno-ecological

approach to the management of natural resources and production assets. Over the years, the Kompanion Bank significantly expanded its presence in the financial market. By the end of January 2017, the Bank had 96,000 customers, more than a thousand employees in 109 offices in all regions of the country. The Bank’s shareholders are the International NGO Mercy Corps, Dutch Development Bank (FMO) and Triodos Investment Management.