Zairbek Adanov

In the village of Jeti-Koshkon of the Bazar-Korgon district in the Jalal-Abad region, Zairbek Adanov and his family spent the lockdown in their recently renovated house.

The habitants of the Jalal-Abad region, which had the first reported coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan, were requested to stay in self-isolation for two months. During this time, Zairbek Adanov’s family experienced all the advantages of an energy-efficient house. During the quarantine period, the weather changed frequently and suddenly from rain, to snow, to sunshine. The house remained comfortable and very warm, and kept the heat in even with open windows.

The project, comprising insulation of the family house and the installation of energy efficient appliances (boiler and air conditioning), was finished in October 2019. Zairbek Adanov installed floor heating on the first floor, and separately connected radiators on the first and second floors. “When we do not heat the house, using the air conditioning system on heating mode is sufficient. It has enough power to keep us warm. I am looking forward to trying the cooling mode in summer,” said Zairbek Adanov.

Energy efficiency measures allow to maintain comfortable conditions in the entire house. It is important, since the family uses all the rooms of the two-storey house. Because of the lockdown, Zairbek’s children use a separate room to take online classes. The family is very satisfied with all the implemented measures that increased the energy efficiency of their home. “We can use all rooms in order to not disturb each other without worrying about energy bills. I believe that all measures have been taken in a timely manner with KyrSEFF’s support and advice,” noted Zairbek Adanov.

The Kyrgyzstan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (KyrSEFF) was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and established in 2013, with a total portfolio of US$ 55 million. To reward the successful implementation of energy saving measures through KyrSEFF, beneficiaries receive grants ranging from 10 to 35% from the total investment, and free technical support financed by the European Union (EC-IFCA).


Bazar-Korgon, Kyrgyzstan



Walls, ceiling, floor insulation, installation of windows, installation of a high efficiency biomass boiler, and of an air conditioner with heating function


Investment amount

US$ 28,650

Grant amount

US$ 3,913.59


Energy Saving

77,5 MWh per year

CO2 reduction

57,23 tonnes per year