KyrSEFF+ for individual apartments and houses

Implementing energy and water efficiency measures in a residential home can greatly enhance living conditions whilst generating tangible money savings. Energy and water efficient home provides much higher comfort levels.

At the same they are much easier to heat and cool. Water saving devices, renewable energy and rainwater harvesting systems help reducing cost further whilst increasing security of supply. KyrSEFF+ supports individual home owners in realizing such investments with loans up to USD 75,000 and grants up to 20%.

Who can get KyrSEFF+ loans and grants?

  • Individuals, households, homeowners, owner of apartments, investing in technology from the list of eligible measures and equipment or other measures approved by KyrSEFF+, saving 20% energy
  • Individuals, households, homeowners, owner of apartments approved by our Partner Banks
  • Applicants may apply for several loans and grants but are not allowed to duplicate measures in the same premises.

Related project components, which don’t have an energy and resource saving effect, may be included in the KyrSEFF+ loan and may account for up to 50% of the value of the eligible project components. For individuals, households and homeowners, KyrSEFF+ offers a simple process, which enables borrowers to reap the benefits of energy savings much quicker.

For individuals, households and homeowners,KyrSEFF+ offers a simple process, which enables borrowers to reap the benefits of energy savings much quicker. In order to ensure money is used for maximum impact, the loans and grant scheme focuses on equipment and solutions that have been pre-approved by KyrSEFF+. A list of pre-approved equipment is available on our website under ‘List of Eligible Equipment’. For these types of investments, KyrSEFF+ offers a grant of up to 20% on the eligible loan amount. The grant amount is limited to certain caps per installed measure as shown in the table below:

Application Process

Project preparation

Prepare a list of energy efficiency measures you would like to implement as well as a list of materials and equipment you intend to use. For your convenience, we have developed a list of high-quality material and equipment approved by the KyrSEFF+ experts.

If you want to use other material and equipment, please contact our office and the KyrSEFF+ engineers will evaluate them for potential inclusion in our list. Also, please contact our KyrSEFF+ team for free-of-charge advice regarding optimal solutions, if you are not certain what the best solution for your home could be.

Contact the company, which will supply and install the equipment selected by you and obtain a preliminary commercial proposal. The list of suppliers and installation contractors can be found here.

Getting the loan

Visit your chosen partner bank and fill in the standard application form. Submit this application form to the bank, together with the supplier’s quotation or a preliminary estimate of proposed measures, and all other necessary documents as listed on the partner bank’s website. The bank will check your loan application and send their application documents to us.

Our consulting team assesses the energy efficiency measures included in your project and informs the bank of project eligibility.

After that, you sign a loan agreement, receive loan funds and implement your project. Please note that KyrSEFF+ has no influence on the credit approval process and conditions (mortgage, loan security, interest rates and repayment conditions) of the partner banks.

Getting the grant

Once the project is completed, please contact your bank (no later than 4 months after signing the loan agreement), submit an Acceptance Certificate for completed construction work and a document evidencing payment of equipment/installation (a receipt from supplier, act of completion (zakupochnyi akt), etc ) and request the payment of the grant.

The grant will be paid within 1.5 – 2 months after successful verification of your project documents or on-site inspection by KyrSEFF+ representatives. On-site inspections will be carried out on 10% of randomly selected projects.

What to do next

You already have a project?

If you already have a project, please use our application form and submit this to one of our partner banks.

You are still thinking about what the best project for your home?

If you are thinking about a project and wish to see how an energy efficiency investment can help you safe energy costs? You can use our Energy Savings Calculator to see how much you can safe. We also invite you to contact our project office. Our engineers would be delighted to provide you with advice on the range of solutions available for your home.

You already have a project?

If you already have a project, please use our application form and submit this to one of our partner banks.