KyrSEFF celebrates Europe Day with an interesting experiment


For the third year in a row, the KyrSEFF team participated in the EU exhibition ‘Europe Day’ in Bishkek. This year, the team prepared a special surprise for visitors of the exhibition: the possibility to see themselves through the eye of a thermal imaging camera – a device that forms an image showing the distribution of temperature on a surface.

Observing the results, soon participants realized that the thermal image and the color displayed on the “picture” vary significantly between participants. Like people, buildings do not have the same temperature at every point of their envelope. This small lesson KyrSEFF+ gave to people during the Europe Day.

“Thermal imaging is a way to determine the energetic weak points of a building or a room, i.e. zones where significant heat exchange takes place and, consequently, energy losses occur. KyrSEFF+ engineers use this tool to evaluate the results of implemented energy efficiency measures and to demonstrate their benefits” said Nurzat Abdyrasulova, KyrSEFF’s National Manager.

With the help of thermal cameras, KyrSEFF+ specialists can also analyze heat losses in buildings, and quickly evaluate the quality of the materials. With this data, engineers are able to develop a set of measures that will eliminate the identified shortcomings.

In addition, since one of the priorities of KyrSEFF+ is to increase energy and resource efficiency in the housing sector, symbolic gingerbread houses were prepared for the exhibition. Everyone could get a sweet adorned with the logo of the KyrSEFF+ program and the European Union, symbolizing the fruitful cooperation.

KyrSEFF has been highly beneficial for the environment and for the Kyrgyz people: the amount of grant support for individual families and businesses has reached three million US dollars by now (approved for 736 housing and 60 business projects). The implemented measures eventually lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 35,500 tons per year and save more than 100,000 MWh/year of electricity.

The European Union’s support to the Kyrgyz Republic constantly improves the standard of living of the Kyrgyz people. It has achieved concrete changes in ​​both energy efficiency and energy saving.