EBRD's Trade Facilitation Programme
Your Partner in Financing Imports of Energy Efficient Technologies

Continuously increasing electricity and gas prices have created a vibrant demand for modern energy efficient technologies. Supply of these innovative technologies can be challenging, yet vital for your customers and the success of your business.

  • You need to make an advance payment to import energy efficient technologies but can’t find affordable financing?
  • Is your business experiencing cash flow constraints?
  • You would like to minimise the risk of non-delivery or to ensure the quality of delivered goods?

We have a solution for you: EBRD’s Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) through its partner banks can provide you with the right financing tools tailored for import and local distribution of energy efficient technologies.

The TFP was established by the EBRD in 1999, to promote and facilitate international trade. Under this programme the EBRD supports banks in Kyrgyzstan by issuing guarantees to cover commercial and political payment risks in import transactions and local distribution.

What instruments are available and which sectors can benefit from the TFP?

Transaction instruments we offer:

  • Letters of credit
  • Letters of guarantee
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Other instruments

Sectors and energy efficient technologies we cover:

  • Agribusiness: tractors, harvesters, working trailers, irrigation systems, grain/fruit/vegetable dryers.
  • Greenhouses: ventilation systems, heating systems, energy efficiency glazing.
  • Buildings: air conditioning, boilers, lighting, windows and glazing, insulation materials, household appliances.
  • Construction: conveyors, generation sets, drilling machines, soil compactors.
  • Textile: washing systems, drying units, air compressors, textile machines.
  • Food processing: baking equipment, freezing technologies.

What instruments are available and which sectors can benefit from the TFP?

ExporterExporter’s bankERBDYour local bankYour company
  • exports energy efficient technologies
  • wants to increase sales to Kyrgyzstan
  • could use trade finance solutions offered by his bank instead of requesting advance payment from your company.
  • cooperates with the EBRD through your local bank
  • offers to exporters trade finance solutions to ensure payments for their goods
  • accepts EBRD guarantees
  • minimises payment risks of your local bank through guarantees
  • provides trade finance expertise and local know-how
  • works with foreign commercial banks (exporter’s banks)
  • provides support to your company and/or your clients through KyrSEFF
  • supports your imports of energy efficient technologies and components
  • offers trade finance solutions to ensure delivery of goods
  • offers KyrSEFF loans and investment incentives to the users of energy efficient technologies
  • cooperates with the EBRD
  • imports, produces and distributes energy efficient technologies
  • wants to increase sales in Kyrgyzstan and attract new clients
  • looks for affordable financing solutions
  • could finance imports through the TFP and support your clients in recieving KyrSEFF loans and incentive

Benefits for your business

Partner Bank

  • The EBRD knows and cooperates with local and foreign commercial banks
  • The EBRD can find a trade finance partner for your local bank in any country
  • Exporter’s bank may not be familiar with Kyrgyz banks, but they do accept EBRD guarantees

Energy Sector Expertise

  • KyrSEFF has established a list of eligible energy efficient materials and equipment (LEME) and the list of suppliers
  • KyrSEFF and the TFP are recognisable names and offer trusted financial instruments in promoting trade in the energy efficiency sector

Affordable Finance

  • KyrSEFF provides easy and affordable financing for your company and/or your potential clients
  • The TFP supports your imports and local distribution, ensure flexibility and optimises payment terms


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