Asel Tursunova



Barskoon village, Issyk-Kul region



·  Installation of windows

·  Installation of a high efficiency boiler


Investment amount

2863 USD


Grant Amount

570 USD


Energy Saving

7,9 МWh/year


CO2 emissions

6,9 tons/year

More than 2,500 homeowners in Kyrgyzstan have invested in environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes thanks to the KyrSEFF Programme. Since 2013, KySEFF through its partner banks has provided homeowners with more than USD 16.1 million in loans and over USD 2 million in grants from the European Union. 

Over 60% of KyrSEFF clients live in villages. Asel Tursunova, a resident of Barskoon village in Issyk-Kul region, made use of financial and consulting services offered by KyrSEFF in order to modernize her home.

Asel Tursunova and her husband have three young children, the youngest of whom is six months old. In winter, a strong cold draught blew out of old wooden windows. The family tried to insulate the windows with a film, but this was not enough to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the rooms. Worried about their children’s health, the young parents decided to replace the windows.

“In December 2019, we applied to Kompanion Bank for a window replacement loan. The loan officers recommended the KyrSEFF Programme. After consulting my husband, we decided that we would also change the boiler, as our old interior boiler only heated two rooms out of five,” said Asel.

According to Asel Tursunova, the house has remained warm and comfortable in winter. The family used all the rooms, and still, the heating expenditures decreased by several times. Thus, the electricity bill used to be an average of 2,000 soms per month, while the last month it was only 600 soms.  

“All the rooms are now being heated, and we are very happy with our new energy-saving windows. The house has become lighter and cozier,” said Asel Tursunova.

According to KyrSEFF consultants’ calculations, the measures implemented by the client will result in an annual energy saving of 7,863 kWh and CO2 emissions reduction of 6,875 kilograms yearly.

The homeowners received a 570 USD grant from the European Union for the successfully implemented energy efficiency measures. After repayment of the current loan, Asel Tursunova intends to apply again for KyrSEFF financial support, and insulate the exterior walls.