Energy-efficient home to welcome a new family member

Investor Elvira Bakirova Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan         Investment Windows upgrade, wall and ceiling insulation, installation of a high efficiency gas boiler      Investment amountUS$ 12,434 Grant amount US$ 2,415     Energy Saving 37,3 MWh per year     CO2 reduction 27,13 tonnes per year       Elvira Bakirova’s family celebrated […]

Living comfortably under lockdown

  Investor Zairbek Adanov In the village of Jeti-Koshkon of the Bazar-Korgon district in the Jalal-Abad region, Zairbek Adanov and his family spent the lockdown in their recently renovated house. The habitants of the Jalal-Abad region, which had the first reported coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan, were requested to stay in self-isolation for two months. During […]

Family housewarming in the village of Tash-Dobo

Investor Zamirbek Jakypov Location Tash-Dobo, Kyrgyzstan   Investment Walls, floor, and ceiling insulation, installation of a high-efficiency boiler   Investment amount US$ 17,195   Grant Amount US$ 3,152 Energy Saving 37.3 MWh per year   CO2 reduction 28.8 tonnes per year     Homeowners in the regions of Kyrgyzstan are beginning to transform their homes: […]

Water efficiency, an important aspect of ecotourism in Kyrgyzstan

Investor LLC “Supara Ethnographic Complex” Location Chunkurchak, Kyrgyzstan   Investment Installation of a water treatment plant   Financial results: Payback period of 10 years   Investment amount US$ 100,000 Grant Amount US$ 15,000 Energy Saving 3.26 MWh/year   CO2 reduction 0.17 tons/year   Water Saving 20,016 m3/year   Water is the natural wealth of Kyrgyzstan, […]

Energy-saving measures in sewing shop help workers focus on productivity

Investor Makhabat Matayeva    Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan   Investment Insulation of the whole building   Financial results Payback of 5 years   Investment amount US$ 14,323 Grant Amount US$ 2,861 Energy Saving 56.41 MWh per year   CO2 reduction 41.84 tonnes per year   The Kyrgyzstan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (KyrSEFF) helped a small sewing […]

At Kelechek, both the product and the production process are energy efficient

At Kelechek, both the product and the production process are energy efficient     Improves energy efficiency at a production company with KyrSEFF’s support   Investor Kelechek LLC Location Bostery, Kyrgyzstan       Investment New modern production line   Investment amount US$ 224,295 Grant Amount US$ 22,429   Energy Saving 315.7 MWh per year […]

The first big logistical centre in Bishkek, built with energy efficient technologies

Better energy efficiency improves the competitiveness of the company Investor LLC Smart Logistic Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Investment Walls and floor insulation Financial results Payback of 9 years Investment amount US$ 466,935   Grant Amount US$ 70,040 Energy Saving397 MWh per year CO2 reduction 20.58 tonnes per year KyrSEFF creates conditions for increasing trade turnover between […]

The first apartment building using RES

In 2017, the Kyrgyz Sustainable Energy Financing Facility and the Small Business Advisory Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development funded the first energy-efficient apartment building project – Nurlan LLC – where renewable energy equipment was introduced. How it all started Nurlan company is engaged in the construction of apartment buildings in the […]