KyrSEFF+ supports a wide range of projects that improve the comfort of homes and the competitiveness of SMEs in all industry sectors

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KyrSEFF+ is the expansion of KyrSEFF

Launched in November 2016, KyrSEFF+ is a USD 35 million financing programme, developed by the European Bank for reconstruction and Development (EBRD).  KyrSSEFF loans are supported by grants incentives of up to 35% as well as technical assistance, provided by the EU-IFCA fund .   KyrSEFF+ loans are disbursed through local Partner Banks. 

KyrSEFF+ builds on the successes of KyrSEFF, which has supported more than 630 households and 60 businesses with loans and grants in their efforts to become energy efficient.

KyrSEFF+ does not only support energy efficiency, but also water efficiency in private households and commercial businesses.

KyrSEFF+ is available to:

  • Private households, owners of houses and apartments and residential buildings for investments in energy and water saving technologies.  Investments may range from wall insulation through to innovative solar energy and rainwater harvesting solutions, allowing families to save money and increase the comfort of their homes.
  • Private enterprises in industry, agribusiness and service sectors
for investments that result in energy, water and other resource savings.  These investments may include new efficient machinery for production companies, compact waste-water treatment systems and energy saving devices for hotels, drip irrigation and machinery for agricultural companies and much more.
  • Suppliers, vendors and installers of energy and resource efficient technologies to ensure these are readily available in Kyrgyzstan.  Investments may include an expansion of stock holding, the operating base, etc.  Please note that supplier loans are exempt from grant incentives.

Commercial and private investors can seek support and advice from the KyrSEFF+ team of engineers to find the most appropriate solution for their energy and water resource efficiency investment.

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