Tri-T: High energy Impact on the Chicken Farm
May 20, 2019

The investor has big family with 6 children and 14 grandchildren. In 2017 he renovated his old house and installed new windows and insulated his roof and floors. Before investing into these improvements, the family used 4-5 tonnes of coal in the winter. After insulating the building and installing new high efficiency windows, coal consumption was reduced to 2.5 tonnes. Also, the family is now able to enjoy all rooms of a warm and comfortable home during the winter. Because the new windows don`t lose much energy heat, there is practically no need to heat the house during the day.


Project information
Location Toguz Adyr village, Osh region
 KyrSEFF loan USD 7 382
 Grant incentive USD 1 352
Partner bank First MicroFinance Company


Energy Savings 10.1 MWh/year
Carbon Savings 1.6 tCO2/year