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May 20, 2019
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May 23, 2019

OJSC ” Tri-T” produces both, eggs for consumption (70% of sales) and hatching eggs (28% of sales) and is one of largest egg production farms in the Kyrgyz Republic. The farm was founded in 1998, based on agricultural land that was previously a duck-farm. The poultry farm now comprises 5 modern egg-laying houses, with a capacity of 230,000 hens based with an annual production capacity of 62 million eggs. Energy costs are a significant factor in egg production. By implementing a total replacement of egg sorting technologies and poultry equipment, the company achieved significant reductions in its energy consumption.

Short video about project in Russian:

Project information
Location Kant, Chui region
 KyrSEFF loan USD 979 145
 Grant incentive USD 139 405
Partner bank Optima


Energy Savings 545,7 MWh/year
Carbon Savings 29,6 tCO2/year