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February 21, 2019
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May 20, 2019

Agroprodukt Asia LLC operates a large 55 hectare Apple orchard in Sokuluk, Chui region. Recently water shortages in the region affected the harvest yield of the orchard. Therefore, the company installed modern drip irrigation and water storage systems. The construction of the repository secures water resources and the efficient drip irrigation delivers water at the right time o the precise point where it is needed.

As a result of the investment, orchard’s yield has increased by 15-20%. The company also has a line for sorting carrots, in addition to the existing equipment the company plans to install a new line, which cuts the sorting time in half and increases the number of jobs for the population in the region. Despite the increase in jobs for operation of the additional line, the equipment’s efficiency reduced the cost by 17% per year.


Project information
Location Sokulul, Chui region
 KyrSEFF loan USD 253 135
 Grant incentive USD 33 088
Partner bank Optima


Energy Savings 419,1 MWh/year
Carbon Savings 21,7 tCO2/year
Water Savings 8757 m3/year