Announcement of the KyrSEFF Energy and Water Efficiency Excellence Awards Ceremony 2018
November 12, 2018
Agroproduct Asia: All About Water Savings
May 20, 2019

Dan-Agro buys beans and lentils from farmers in the region. The beans and lentils are sorted and packaged for sale and distribution. The company invested in a new sorting and packaging line, thereby expanding its capacity and creating 70 new jobs. Even though the significant energy savings are much appreciated, the additional work opportunities created have an important social impact in the region.

Location Belovodskoe village, Chui region
 KyrSEFF loan USD 1,000,000
 Grant incentive USD 100 000
Partner bank Demir
Energy Savings 1,754 MWh/year
Carbon Savings 91 tCO2/year